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Litomysl - Hauptwerk Organ Project

( Czech Republic - from 1780 to 2001 )

Large modern concert organ (IV manuals + pedal) by Vladimir Grygar, Prostejov (2001) 51 speaking stops: 10 reeds, 41 labial stops.
Universal instrument for performing all kinds of organ music.
Available in both (dry and wet) versions.

It combines the features of the baroque and romantic organs, and a large set of registers en chamade can execute and Spanish repertoire.
The room of Holy Cross quite spacious, but a tool, although recorded with a close to the pipe arrangement of microphones, has a good natural reverb.
Hauptwerk v. Samples are presented in more unenhided format Hauptwerk v. 1, but may be open and free MyOrgan.

Litomysl organ history

Baroque organ

Little is known about organs in the Church of the Holy Cross in those early times.
There was a late baroque instrument by Frantisek Pavel Horak (1723-1822) built in 1780.
It had two manuals and a pedal with alltogether 22 stops.

Romantic organ

Later it was rebuilt completely in 1902 by Josef Kobrle (1851-1919).
The old organ purely baroque in style seemed not to meet the fasion of the early XXth century.
The Kobrle's instrument beared signs of "romantic" or symphonic organ which was desired at those times.
It had also 2 manuals with 22 stops as the previous instrument but the brilliant aliquotes and high mixtures were replaced by lower sounding stops of many different colors: flutes, strings, reeds.

Modern organ (4 manuals)

Hundred years later, the ways of evaluating the organ qualities have changed again.
We now admire the brilliance of the baroque sound, we love the logic of the hierarchy of the WerkPrinzip but at the same time we do not want to loose the variety of romantic coloring stops.
Hence, many organbuiders tend to favour large organs with great diversity of stops to satisfy the needs of all musical styles.
Well, the purity of style is lost but the advantages of the "universal" organ seem to prevail.

Having this in mind, Vladimir Grygar (whose company is well known in many countries of the world for its craftsmenship) built completely new organ in the church of the Holy Cross.
The work has been finished only in 2001.

A continuación, les dejo la página oficial correspondiente al proyecto, junto con gran cantidad de demos, fotos, información adicional, manuales, etc

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Dry sample set with a convolution reverb: Hauptwerk 2 (or higher)

F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Grave und Agagio:
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Allegro maestoso e Vivace:
F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Fuga:
U. Mahnken - Water:

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Wet sample set: Hauptwerk 2 (or higher)

J. S. Bach: BWV 547, Praeludium:
J. S. Bach: BWV 547, Fuga:
hymn arrangement Jesus Shall Reign:

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Wet sample set: Hauptwerk 1

Flutes against labial plenum - W. A. Mozart, Fantasia in f-moll - Hauptwerk 1:
Soft strings - M. Reger, Chorale no. 3, op. 37 - Hauptwerk 1:
Full organ with reeds - J. S. Bach, Prael. and Fugue C-dur, BWV 531 - Hauptwerk 1:
"Naked" reeds in contrast - J. B. Cabanilles, Tiento XXV de batalla - Hauptwerk 2 - wav file!!! 152 MB:
Jeux d'anches (Bombards) - F. Couperin, Kyrie 2 (mass for the parishes) - Hauptwerk 1:
Enclosures in action - C. Franck, Chorale h-moll - Hauptwerk 1:

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*  El 'curso de la Nasa' no viene incluído  =D  Pero +real q esto... Gracias a MNB x sus aportes

Les he incluído un patch adicional ''FullExtended'', pero necesita mucha máquina..
Espero comenten -y agradezcan- si les gusta este hermoso instrumento, a ver si pongo+
Gracias  ;)

For use in the laid here Hauptwerk v. 3.22 before downloading the need to import body (see picture):


yo lo bajaría...
pero tengo el primero que subió mnb Y todavía no lo pude hacer andar xD

uuh este lo conocia pero nunca lo baje

y si... son terribleeeeeeeeees   ^^

Uh que masa  uno mas para la coleccion, aunque todavía no probé ninguno... +1


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